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New Project

A new project is underway and will be added to the projects page shortly!

Stay Tuned! smiley

Latest Projects

I hve finally managed to get the projects page updated. There will be plenty more uploaded soon, Some items will be for sale laugh

Wildlife Pond Project

New summer project! Wildlife pond.
The idea to create a small, self-sustaining wildlife pond that requires no extra power to function.
Click here to find out more.

First fish introduced

The first lot of fish have been introduced to the tank and have settled in perfectly.
12x Colombian Tetra's.
More pictures to follow.


The reef tank has now been closed down and will be slowly converted over to a freshwater semi-biotope.
The main theme is to use fish and the majority of plants from South America
These fish will include Columbian Tetra, Hatchets and possibly a pair of German Blue Rams

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